Questions from Instagram about Korean food, history, ghosts, and even skin care! We try to answer as many as we can in the only way we know how.

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Questions from IG Ask Us Anything

Did Korea have a caste system? (Harley)

  • Joe: Bone rank system of the Silla Era
  • Shawn: Yes, essentially. Royalty, nobility (yangban), middle class (jungin), commoners (sangmin), and low-born (cheonmin; included slaves/nobi and untouchables/baekjeong)

What are minor things you don’t like about Korean life? (Yan)

Did Japan really force Korea to change its spelling from C to K? (Barb)

What are things about K-food few people know? (Winnie)

Did Koreans also believe the earth was flat in Columbus’ time? (Conner)

Differences between national treasure and treasure? (Nancy)

Who are some interesting little known Korean historical figures? (Vera)

Why doesn’t the lunar new year start on the full moon? Wouldn’t that make more sense? (Alina)

Is raw octopus really dangerous to eat? (Sara)

Hear of any new hauntings these days? (Tom)

What is a historical fact that made you think: ‘That explains a lot!’? (Eva)

Thoughts of new Seoul City mascots? (Gumflower)

Soul HECHI· Once forgotten and ignored, Hechi is brought back by the desperate wish of a Seoul citizen longing for a community where people care for each other’s hearts.· Explore the Seoul lifestyle and discover new fun with Hechi.· Hechi, like a friend or colleague, is a companionable character who communicates with others and is always by your side.
Cynical JOO· Guardian god presiding over fire, summer, and the south· Summoned to the modern age, retaining all memories from the past· Tries to recover the godly strengths lost long ago and awaken other guardian deities in a quest to rule the world· Personifies a cynical being, weary and frustrated by the blunders of foolish friends
Puppyish YOUNG· Guardian god overseeing trees, spring, and the east· The strongest among the four guardians yet without any memories of past, he believes himself to be a puppy, cherishing not a magical bead but a bone· Hechi and Soul Friends often find themselves taking care of Young, who shows a puppyish persona.
Enigmatic MOO· Guardian god of water, winter, and the north· Moo, having tasted coffee for the first time, is spellbound and aspires to become a barista, striving to open a café in the modern world.· Moo’s thoughts are enigmatic, with his neck alternating between long and short, possessing a persona so unique his own friends struggle to understand.
Vigorous HOU· Guardian god of iron, autumn, and the west· A white, vigorous tiger who can foresee the future but has currently lost his guardian powers· Enthusiastic about taekwondo, but presently looking for a job, embodying the persona of a part-time worker at both a convenience store and a gas station

Do you guys do any of those Korean skincare routines? (Tina)