The K-Pop industry is full of superstitions, ghost stories, and scandal. Did you know that a singer from Miss A was visited by a ghost before one of their albums was released? There’s a ghost legend in a K-Pop video that is mentioned on the Dark Side tour, and we go into detail about that. We end the episode with listening suggestions for Korean music that is outside the archetypal “cotton candy” K-Pop that we hope you’ll appreciate.

    • Industry superstitions
    • Scandals/problems in the K-pop industry
      • Burning Sun/Seungri
    • Pseudo-scandals in the K-pop industry
    • The subway ghost in Lee Seung Hwan – “Aewon”
    • Joe and Shawn’s favourite Korean singers

Suggested Artists

Check out our YouTube playlist here: Dark Side of Seoul Music Playlist
Kim Gwang-Seok 김광석 히트곡 모음 (고음질)

Sanulrim 산울림- 내마음에 주단을 깔고 1978 2nd Album

Jaurim 자우림 – 안녕미미

Cho PD – My Friend

Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’

Say Sue Me

Cherry Filter – Romantic Cat 체리필터 – 낭만고양이

“Hongdae Style” Artists

10cm – 아메리카노 Americano 

버스커 버스커 (Busker Busker) – 벚꽃 엔딩

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