Modern Korea was shaped as much by its disasters as its achievements. In the first of four episodes, we cover sinkings, fires, hijackings, and mass murders that still echo through society.

  • (Jan 9, 1953) Ferry MV Changgyeong sinking
  • (1969) Korean Air Lines YS-11 hijacking
  • (Dec 15, 1970) Sinking of Namyoung-Ho ferry
  • (1971) Gimpo mass shooting
  • (Dec 25, 1971) Daeyeongak Hotel fire – Deadliest hotel fire in world history
  • (Aug-Oct, 1975) Serial killing spree – Kim Dae Du
  • (1977) Iri Station explosion

Part of the Korean Disasters Series:

Disasters that Shaped Modern Korea (1980s)

“The Disaster Republic”: Disasters that Shaped Modern Korea (1990s)

Disasters that Shaped Modern Korea (21st Century)

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