Here are five reasons people believe in ghosts. We also share ghostly experiences people have submitted for our upcoming book–and we’re still taking submissions. Listen for details.

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Previous episode explored the belief in ghosts in Korea

  • Nearly 40% of respondents said yes
  • 26% said no

Why do people believe?

  • Culture
    • Massive part of old belief
    • Used to explain the unexplained
      • Koreans linked evil ghosts to disease
        • Does that particular debunking debunk ghosts entirely? 
  • Hope
    • Also linked to old belief
    • The hope to see dead loved ones again
      • Often goes counter with religious ideas
  • Fun
    • It’s fun to ‘believe’
    • Mystery is a blast!
  • Good ol’ storytelling
    • Humans love stories (telling them and hearing them)
  • Warnings
    • Using ghosts to warn people has long been effective
    • Ficts 
    • Have to be careful

Shamanism Museum

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