Is Joe’s Apartment Haunted?

A couple of months ago, some strange things started happening in Joe’s apartment in the middle of the night. Even one of our patrons saw something unexplained in a live video chat. 

One incident forgotten to add to the show is that when Joe was in bed one night, the electric fan shut off. Joe checked to see if it was plugged in, and it was. The fuses weren’t busted. Then suddenly the fan turned on and rapidly cycled through low and high settings and back to low all by itself.

There are some Korean explanations based in folk belief for what’s happening. We explore that and ask you, “IS JOE’S APARTMENT REALLY HAUNTED??”

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5 thoughts on “Is Joe’s Apartment Haunted?”

  1. was an old defective fan? I heard strange noises all last night..above me like someone moving then wind sounds in the hallway making my door make noises. Strange night…so i slept in til 1130am to makeup for loss sleep. Annoyed.

    • The fan was a remote control unit. I think someone had a remote underneath me or some other RF waves that set it off. It was freaky–like when all the toys started moving in Close Encounters.

  2. I went on your ghost walk before. I remember you said that people have brought ghosts home with them after the walk. When I got home, I sat on my bed with my laptop on my lap. The light began flickering above me. This had never happened before. The timing was definitely weird. I had heard that lights flickering could be a sign of paranormal activity. As a Christian, I have been told that we should rebuke the spirit and command it to leave in the name of Jesus, so I did. The light instantly stopped flickering. I had no more trouble with the light. True story.


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