We exhume and share Korean stories, urban legends, and real mysterious encounters to make your skin tingle with dalksal!

Stories include the following…

The Virgin Girl’s Grave

A young woman, trapped in a flat grave, finds release when a passing man unknowingly lets her witness a simple act of nature, leading to her liberation and blessings bestowed on the unwitting man in 1931 Jeonju.

The Red Room

In the digital age, an eerie online chatroom known as the “Red Room” legend emerges, said to curse those who enter, haunting them even in real life, with devastating consequences.

The Coin Ghost

A child kidnapped by a man obsessed with money becomes the tragic figure of the Kim Min-ji coin ghost story, with supposed clues hidden in Korean currency.

The Elevator Game

In the heart of Seoul, a chilling urban legend surrounds the Elevator Game, offering access to another dimension or encounters with spirits, but with dire consequences for the unprepared.

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