It’s doubly mysterious and distressing when someone is not only missing but missing overseas. Some are mysterious; others less mysterious, though ultimate fates of individuals is unknown and they are technically missing

Kang Nam-kwon

Last seen November 1, 1996

Kelleys Island and Signal Hill, Newfoundland, Canada

Cindy Song

Last seen November 1, 2000

State College, Pennsylvania, USA

Cindy SongCindy Song

Suspected abducter

Suspected abducter

Hugo Selenski

Hugo Selenski


Park Yeong-seok

October 18, 2011

Annapurna, Narchyang, Nepal

An Myeong-jin

Last seen September 30, 2016

Various parts of China

Kim Hae-song

Last seen May 2020

144-27 35th Ave. Queens, NY, USA


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