National Center for Missing Children

  • The Frog Boys
  • Lee Hye-jin, 10, and her friend Woo Ye-seul, 8
    • Dec 25, 2007, Anyang
    • Near Anyang Arts Center (CCTV 4:10 p.m.)
    • 77 days later
      • Found Lee’s dismembered body on a mountain near Suwon
    • Police investigation
      • Rental car records in Anyang on the day of disappearance
      • Found blood traces in the trunk of a car
    • Suspect Confesses to Murder of Two Missing Girls
      • Traced to 39-year-old man, Jeong Seong-hyeon
      • Lived alone in the same neighborhood
      • Went on the run
      • Was arrested at his mother’s house in Boryeong, South Chungcheong
      • Confession
        • Tried to say they died in a car accident
        • Drank 2 bottles of soju and “inhaled bond” around 4 p.m. Dec 25
        • Left home to buy cigarettes
        • Saw the two girls, kidnapped them, assaulted them for an hour
        • After he sobered up, choked them to death and chopped up the corpses in his bathroom
        • Loaded them into his trunk and dumped them near Homaesil, Suwon and in Gunja Stream, Siheung
      • New Confession
        • Murder of a 44-year-old woman in Gunpo in July 2004
        • a “date mate” employed by an adult phone room and told her to come to a motel in Geumjeong-dong
          • Had talked to her four times previously
        • Murdered her and threw her body into the sea from a bridge in Wolgot
        • Was picked as a strong suspect but released him for no evidence other than a fake reaction to a lie detector
      • Led to re-opening of other cases of missing women (Dec 2006-Jan 2007)
      • Accusations of a sloppy investigation from inside whistleblower
        • Brought in Jeong for questioning three times but let him go in the early stages
        •  “At the time, Jeong was not home for five days, and the police also received information that he had attempted to sexually assault women in the neighborhood. Jeong was a possible suspect from the beginning,” the e-mail said. “However, the police just trusted Jeong’s claim that he worked as a substitute driver on the day the kids went missing. The police didn’t even cross-check with his employer to confirm he had actually worked that day.”
        • Police didn’t find blood evidence in his apartment until after he confessed
        • Only after a new commissioner took office did the investigation restart, and they looked into car rental records
          • Arrested Jeong without considering other suspects who could have rented the car
        • The Anyang investigators and other Gyeonggi offices didn’t work well together
          • Created nationwide data-sharing system
      • Received the death penalty (2009)
  • Song Hye-hee: missing since 1999, 17 years old at the time
  • Father has never stopped looking for her; continues to hang banners and posters around Korea asking for help in finding his daughter

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