Never a dull moment, especially if you’re paying attention. We go through some of the odder, weirder, surprisinger news stories in recent months. 

This is my stop (May 2023)

You hit my baby! (2018 to 2022; reported Feb. 2023)

This is not my stop (2019, reported Feb. 2023)

Be our guest (2017)

Released promo videos, hosted by ‘Tatiana’; released on Youtube

‘The Little Mermaid’ tanks in China and South Korea amid racist backlash from some viewers

Pride parade to take to Euljiro streets after Seoul Plaza refusal

  • 64 citizens waited outside police stations on rotation for 89 hours, calling it a “rainbow relay.”
  • However, according to the stenographic records of the committee’s meeting on May 3, the committee approved the Christian event, citing the “rights of others not to want to look at them” meaning SQCF participants, and the “negative impacts the queer event could have on children’s sexual education.” [source]
    • Seoul Metropolitan Council members and public servants who attended the meeting agreed with the decision unanimously
  • Funny that Deoksugung, across from Seoul Plaza, is filled with hate-filled right wing posters–That’s allowed
    • The area from Cheonggyecheon to Deoksugung has regular right wing rallies and tents
  • Seoul barred Pride from its usual venue – now some students want to do the same on campus
    • “We received a large number of complaints voicing opposition by mail and the e-people service,” explained a Sungkonghoe University official, adding that “the school’s position is that since there is opposition, we should go through a procedure of winning support.”
    • “If the festival goes ahead on campus, we will face negative attitudes and pressure from the public. It could also have a negative impact on next year’s [government] financial support assessment,” it predicted.
  • South Korea: Human rights boss makes crude, homophobic ‘anal rupture’ claim in draft ruling
    • Lee Choong-sang, a human rights commissioner at South Korea’s Human Rights Commission, sparked criticism af-ter he made the remarks in a draft resolution about regulations concerning the hair-length of servicemen. 
    • Objecting to the view that forcing military personnel to have short hair is a violation of their human rights, Lee went on to make an anal sex analogy.
    • According to Kyunghyang Shinmun and SBS, he said that queer men who engaged in anal penetration – which he described as taking on a “female role” – to the point their “anus is ruptured”, leading to them “wearing a diaper”, are doing so willingly and are not victims of human rights violations. 

IN OTHER NEWS: BTS lifts veil on upcoming 10th anniversary event (June 17th)

  • In the run-up to the event, major landmarks all across Seoul will be illuminated in purple. Starting next Monday, various media art will be on display at N Seoul Tower, Lotte World Tower, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, Sevit Island, Dongdaemun Design Plaza, the Banpo, Yanghwa, Yeongdong and World Cup bridges, Seoul City Hall and Gwanghwamun Square.
  • Purples vs. Rainbows
    • Funny that conservative Muslims believe that Hallyu represents LGBTQ+
      • “the Korean Wave strongly incites LGBT (sexual minority), especially physical contact between men and men.“ [Source
    • The group’s history of open-mindedness dates back to 2013, when they were still rookies and talking about same-sex relationships could have been a career killer. The group’s leader, RM, tweeted out his admiration for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ inclusive hit “Same Love” nonetheless: “This is a song about homosexuality. The song is twice as good when I listen to the lyrics.” At the time, he was a relatively unknown musician who had little to lose. But earlier this year, RM once again took a stance on Twitter, recommending “Strawberries and Cigarettes,” a song by the openly gay musician Troye Sivan, from the gay coming-of-age film Love, Simon.] [Source
    • Bing AI says: “BTS has spoken out on LGBTQ rights and mental health issues1. They have shown solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement by making a donation of $1 million2. However, I couldn’t find any official statement on their position on LGBTQ issues.”
  • Wouldn’t it be a coup if the members of BTS made a statement in support of Pride Month during this [government-sponsored] event?

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