One of Korea’s most promoted destinations is–well, it was conceived as a tourist trap. We talk about the history of the island and other places to avoid down Korea’s Tourist Trap River.

Nami Island’s National Anthem “Island of the Sky”

Verse 1

Everyone in the lake, in the sky,

the crescent moon, water fog,

and becoming one with the rabbit and the duck.

Imagination breeds imagination.

Freedom breeds freedom

. Wind brings wind.

Mind calls heart.

Verse 2

On the land, on the water, everyone,

the land colored by moonlight and starlight

Become one with the trees and grass

Love gives birth to love

One gives birth to another

Song sings a song

Gestures call beckoning

Nami Island that I draw in my dreams

Verse 3

We are looking for everyone Everyone

lives here Everyone

Truth gives birth to truth

Nara gives birth to a country

Today calls for tomorrow

Everyone sings for tomorrow

Fairyland Naminara Fairyland Nami



Nanana Nanana Mimmimi Mimimi Nanana Nanana la la la la la la

Nami Island I draw in my mind Nami Island

I draw in my dreams

Incomplete list of Tourist Traps near Tourist Trap River

These are places that may have value to domestic tourists, but they are not what you’d fly all the way to Korea for–if you are interested in the culture of the country you’re visiting

  • Any of the Rail Bikes
  • Any of the amusement parks
  • Petit France
  • Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park
  • LegoLand
  • Garden of Morning Calm
  • Jade Garden
  • Alpaca World

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