The Dark Side of Seoul Podcast

Korean true crime, dark history, ghost tales, folklore, serial killers, and more.

You are about to discover why Korea has the spookiest stories and darkest history.
The Dark Side of Seoul Podcast

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Shawn & Joe

Joe & Shawn


Folklorist Shawn and history buff Joe delve into Korea’s gruesome stories of massacres, betrayals, and blood. It’s like “Game of Thrones” in Asia. We share our passion for Korea and its struggles throughout time. If you enjoy shows like “Kingdom,” this is the podcast for you. Even if you know nothing about Korea, its history will become your new addiction.

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  • Prison Break 1988
    Prisoners escape and end up becoming folk heroes. How did this happen? This is a story that many have forgotten until now.
  • The Bastard Prince
    The first “illegitimate” heir to the Joseon throne, Prince Gwanghae spent the kingdom’s shattered post-war coffers on building projects. Obsessed with the occult, he ended up being overthrown by a revolt.
  • The Most Haunted Palace in Korea
    Gyeonghuigung can be called “The Forgotten Palace.” Some say it is haunted with dark souls and secrets.
  • Shawn Digs Graves
    Shawn takes us through the hills of Paju to show Korean grave sites. Learn about the traditions, folklore, and potential curses. We also check out abandoned military installations.
  • The Bells
    Did people really throw a child into a furnace to forge the Emillé Bell? We answer this question in this episode.
  • Divination
    Divination was a significant part of daily life in old Korea. For some, it still is. We predict you’ll get something out of this episode. 
  • Gwangju Massacre
    May 18th, 1980, the South Korean military beat, jailed, raped, and murdered the citizens of Gwangju while the rest of the country didn’t know. The stories of this crime didn’t start going public until the 1990s, and more is being found. Do the world a favor and listen to this episode.
  • Park Chung-hee vs. Vladimir Putin
    Is Vladimir Putin’s regime going the same way as Park Chung-hee’s in its final years? Let’s test this hypothesis. Authoritarian leaders tend to go through the same stages–eerily so. Can we predict what will happen with Putin by looking at what happened to Park?
  • Park Chung-hee, pt. 2: The Fall
    After steering the Korean economy out of poverty, how did Park Chung-hee’s popularity decline to the point that he was assassinated by his own cohort?
  • Park Chung-hee, pt. 1: The Rise
    Park Chung-hee’s legacy commands controversy. The President/Dictator oversaw Korea’s rapid economic rise, and he brutalized his people with his brass knuckle rule. In the first of three episodes, we discuss how his rise synced with South Korea’s rise.
  • Cheonggyecheon: The World’s Longest Fountain
    The Cheonggyecheon Stream defines the history of Seoul. Ghosts still lurk its winding path. Learn the surprising stories behind the stream that Seoul never left well enough alone.
  • Sewol Ferry Disaster: Aftermath & Mysteries
    The 2014 Sewol Ferry Disaster traumatized South Korea. Conspiracy theories emerged to make sense of the senselessness. Here are the biggest ones.
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