The Dark Side of Seoul Podcast

Korean true crime, dark history, ghost tales, folklore, serial killers, and more.

You are about to discover why Korea has the spookiest stories and darkest history.
The Dark Side of Seoul Podcast

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Shawn & Joe

Joe & Shawn


Folklorist Shawn and history buff Joe delve into Korea’s gruesome stories of massacres, betrayals, and blood. It’s like “Game of Thrones” in Asia. We share our passion for Korea and its struggles throughout time. If you enjoy shows like “Kingdom,” this is the podcast for you. Even if you know nothing about Korea, its history will become your new addiction.

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  • Dark Side of the Olympics: The 1988 Bummer Games
    Boxing scandals, torched doves, doping hero. The 1988 Seoul Games were the time to shine. But … Read more
  • Stories of the Gods
    “Gods die. And when they truly die they are unmourned and unremembered.” – Neil Gaiman, American … Read more
  • Creepy Stories for Summer Chills
    Turn off your lights. Put on your headphones. Cool off with some chilling tales. Join our … Read more
  • Urban Exploring with Ryan Berkebile
    Guest: Ryan Berkebile (website) Seoul has obliterated a lot of its history in the mad rush … Read more
  • Gender Issues in Modern Korea
    Two young Korean guests join us to debate what modern women and men feel about today’s climate and how to come to the table.
  • Is Child Abuse Normalized?
    Child abuse has made Korean headlines this past year. Korean scholars claim that there are aspects of traditional culture that have normalized it.
  • Itaewon History 2: Rise, Fall, & Murders
    Two mysterious unrelated murders happened in Itaewon in 1997 and 2001. One was famous. The other was forgotten. Part two of our History of Itaewon covers Itaewon’s rise as a trendy hotspot, its rapid demise, and its future.
  • Why Is Itaewon?
    Why has Itaewon historically been the village of foreigners? Why was the U.S. military base positioned … Read more
  • Five Reasons You Believe in Ghosts (And You Know You Do)
    Here are five reasons people believe in ghosts. We also share ghostly experiences people have submitted for our upcoming book–and we’re still taking submissions. Listen for details.
  • Don’t Do Drugs in Korea, Mmmkayy?
    “There aren’t any drugs in Korea.” Shyah, right! We upend this myth with the history of drugs in both South and North Koreas. Which drugs are popular, where do they come from, and where can you get them? We answer two out of three.
  • Korean Horror TV | Guest: Pierce Conran (K-Drama Critic)
    South Korea huddled every Sunday night from the ‘70s to late ‘80s to watch the horror series “Hometown Legends” (Jeonseolui Gohyang 전설의고향). Now Korean horror TV is experiencing a resurgence. What makes Korean horror TV unique? How does it differ from horror film? 
  • The Dark Sides of Popular Tourist Sites
    Ghost stories, sex scandals, massacres, and intrigue from the airport city of Incheon to the trendy alleys of Ikseon-dong. There’s a dark story behind these places that the tourism organizations don’t want you to know about.