Last night we had a group of four. Two of them claimed to be sensitive to ghosts and energies. I love it when clairvoyants join the tour. It makes it so much more exciting.

Here’s a breakdown of interesting things from last night.

  • Alley of Ashes. They felt something extremely strong there. One claimed to see people hanging from trees.
  • The dark alley at Ikseon-dong. In the past, someone has said there’s a woman at the entrance to the alley. We now know that she is dressed in red.
  • Tapgol Park. Lots of creepy vibes.
  • Bathroom at Insa-dong. There’s the ghost of an old lady there.
  • Insa-dong and Tapgol Park. They took pictures of floating orbs. One pic looks like a street light in the corner, but there was no street light there.
  • Pimatgol. More creepy vibes. Lots of pics taken.
  • Cheonggyecheon Stream. They felt a lot of activity when we walked down there.
  • Koreana Hotel. Something has happened there, but I still haven’t found any evidence.
  • Most haunted house in Seoul. It looks like they’ve tightened security there, so I may change the route again.
  • Gyeonghuigung Palace. Of course, a lot of bad ju-ju there. Right when we were walking through the gate (pictured above), one picture showed something like fingers touching the back of my coat.

I’ll post their pictures here as soon as I get them.


Here’s an email from a guest on the tour. It’s re-posted with permission.

Question, I don’t mean to frighten you in any way but, I’ve noticed you had a strong female presence that clings onto you. It was an older woman and I couldn’t wrap my head on the relation between you two, since she was Korean. However, when I arrived home I was all of a sudden intrigued on the thought of Queen Min. I started to look her up, and as I saw her picture I strongly sensed it was her presence that was around you.

I don’t think she is meant to cause harm in any way, but I strongly believe she appreciates you telling her story as a way of acknowledging her and educating people about her. I do believe that she can be quite possessive of you and please keep in mind she might view your wife as a kind of a threat and may cause pointless arguments so please be aware. (Since you were surrounded with women last night, her presence was strong)

Empress Myeongseong (Queen Min)

Empress Myeongseong (Queen Min)

I just received the photos. They were mostly around the end of the tour. We get a lot of reports of odd happenings there. On this tour, they said they felt a presence pulling at them.


“This was the point my friend and I sensed a presence behind you…”

Gyeonghuigung Ghostly fingers

Note the haziness of the lights. No matter what time of year nor the weather, they always glow like this. It’s like you just got out of the swimming pool with chlorine soaked eyes. Those also could be some floating orbs dancing on the grounds.

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