In July 2011, a landslide was triggered by heavy rains on a mountain on the southern side of Seoul. It crashed through apartment buildings and resulted in deaths and destruction. Your host, Joe, was caught in that. Here’s his story.

Video of the Umyeonsan Landslides

My video

EBS broadcasting building

This is a video done by EBS about how it hit their studios, where I was broadcasting at the time. The studio where they taped the popular children’s show Ppoong-Ppoong-i looked like the set of Lord of the RIngs. 

The military and police and others worked hard to make the building usable for the most basic of broadcasting. They set up temporary generators outside the building. Cleared trees from the inside of the building.  

The video shows them clearing walking space in the mud and making one radio booth usable. We did shows from there for a month with no air conditioning, trekking in and out through the mud paths in the hallways.

Old blog post with my photos.

The rains leading up to the landslides. Video of what it really was like on the ground level.

In-depth piece about the landslides with animated graphics

Drainage reinforcement in the aftermath of the Umyeonsan Landslides


You can see where the landslides occurred. They look like tree branches going up the mountain.


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