Guest: Julia Mellor – The Sool Company

The Glories and Stories of Korean Liquor. Korean sool specialist and brewer Julia Mellor shares the uniqueness of Korean alcohol and boozy traditions. 

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Music by Soraksan

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  • Julia’s initial interesting in alcohol and Korean alcohol
  • History of booze
  • Key Korean booze
  • Issues with alcoholism/overconsumption
    • Drunkenness is a legal defence 
  • Booze in culture and lore
    • Sool-gwishin (discussed on previous episode)
    • Offerings to spirits and deities
      • Attended many sanshinjae
    • Drinking after hiking
    • Drinking on rainy days
    • Drinking culture of commoners
      • Farmers
      • Pimatgol
    • Food with booze
    • Hangover food and ‘curative’ drinks
    • Makgeolli Festival  
  • Joe’s story – being teetotal for a year (Okay?)
  • Perspective of Koreans (I did brief interviews asking Koreans how they would describe Korean drinking culture to those unfamiliar with it)